Monday, December 7, 2009

start of a new blogging style...

in my blogs i have decided to everyday post a random fact about myself; this way i will have an excuse to fill in my blog everyday.

i am absolutely fascinated with languages they are so fascinating just the way a word that means the exact same thing like hello or good bye can sound so mystical and important. i especially love french, italian and german.

They say French is the language of love; well i am not to sure about that but i guess you could say it does sound very romantic
Hello - Bonjour
Goodbye - Au revoir
I love you - (insert persons name) je t'aime.

even though the words can be hard to pronounce they sound very interesting if you know how to pronounce them properly.

anyway hope you look forward to random fact #2 tomorrow

Au revoir :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

high five failing

we have had yet another fail;
my friend court b came up with a theory about hi-5ing if you look at the other persons elbow you get a perfect hi-5 but if you look at the other persons hand you get a failed hi-5. anywayy we have been trying to prove this theroy wrong for like a week now and today after recess we were determind to prove this theroy wrong but as you can tell we failed so bad that we have given up for now.... but not for long we have one week of school left and we are determind to get this theroy sorted before the christmas holidayys.....

wish us luck
ciao :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the skirt....

ello ello
sorry for my bad blogging habits i really need to get back into line with my blogg....
anyway got a new skirt on the weekend.... enough said???
guess not....
the new skirt i am in love with i am addicted to the pattern it is very summer..... i guess u could say it is very me
leave comments and tell me what you think

Monday, November 23, 2009

why tests?

tests, tests, tests

thats all we seem to do in school these days.
Maths tests, science tests, english tests eveything these days has a test
i swear ne day soon they will come up with a written test to decide whether you can breathe properly.  
anyway dont let me bring you down, other than all these test my life has been pretty awesome at the moment but more on that later but i better get back to doing something that i am actually supposed to be on some tourism thing 

byee xx

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


just had dodgeball for sport....

it was so much funn me and my 2 besties had a bubble like where no one could touch us. Literally the ball just kept flying past us no matter how hard they tried  they could not hit us it would miss us by like an inch other than that that is as close as they got.
On the other hand one of my other close friends is having a problem with his gf and it is quiet heartbreaking because they are such a cute couple together i really hope they dont break up because they are so perfect for each other, but she is being terrible to him so i cant blame him for considering it.

anyway now i am in icle time and bored out of my mind 

bout to answer some random questions

Re: rain

most people think rain is sad, glum and just down right depressing right? well i think the complete opposite. i love the rain some of the most spectacular things of your teenage years happen in the rain. Your first kiss in the rain, having a picnic in the rain with your friends or just plain dancing in the rain. I know sounds random but as i said that is me and that will never change. I think all of my friends have made  discovery this morning that rain can be quite wonderful for every individual. Maybe the nursery rhyme about rain wanted to go away is not so good after all, maybe everyone should jsut enjoy yht rain and not take it for granted because we think  about all those people in drought and here we have enough rain to dance and play in and have Mad face painting fights (one of those inside jokes i referred to earlier you will here alot of them if you decide to follow my blog) anyway should get back to doing something progressive like doing the school work i am supposed to be right now...

bye for now not for ever
ileee xx

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Re:starting my blog..

hey everyone,

welcome to my blog site.
This will not be just any ordinary blog. This blog will tell you al about my day, everyday and about all the random stuff and inside jokes that happen because there is a ridiculous amount and i don't think i would remember them all. Alot of these things will be 'have to be there moments' but i am sure anyway you look at it it will be funny. If you find my blog boring then stop following me and go away if you find it interest after everyday events stayed tuned because there will be many more to come.

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hey im Erin, teenage years are finally here, enjoying every minute of it, love hanging with my friends and sleeping. being random is my thing dont ever take it from me!!!!! being spontaneous is my trade mark!