Wednesday, November 4, 2009


just had dodgeball for sport....

it was so much funn me and my 2 besties had a bubble like where no one could touch us. Literally the ball just kept flying past us no matter how hard they tried  they could not hit us it would miss us by like an inch other than that that is as close as they got.
On the other hand one of my other close friends is having a problem with his gf and it is quiet heartbreaking because they are such a cute couple together i really hope they dont break up because they are so perfect for each other, but she is being terrible to him so i cant blame him for considering it.

anyway now i am in icle time and bored out of my mind 

bout to answer some random questions


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hey im Erin, teenage years are finally here, enjoying every minute of it, love hanging with my friends and sleeping. being random is my thing dont ever take it from me!!!!! being spontaneous is my trade mark!